GroupWise and Archiving to Symantec Enterprise


Organizations using GroupWise can now take advantage of industry leading, cloud-based archiving solutions such as Symantec Enterprise

Symantec Enterprise is a cloud-based archiving service that helps organizations store, manage, and discover business-critical information. With no mandatory hardware required, the service is quick and easy to deploy and provides unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee.

Producers XL an Insurance Brokerage for ING at a Kansas securities firm, uses GroupWise but ING is on Exchange and uses Symantec’s for their email archiving solution. So, Producers XL securities firm also had to use Symantec’s In order to continue to use GroupWise they had to have their email run through Symantec’s mail server. Producers XL had to create a new email domain, change their email addresses to the new domain, then had to manage duplicate mailboxes. They couldn’t sync their phones, couldn’t send bulk email and had to set up an automatic forward of their email from Symantec’s email system to their GroupWise system, just to name a few of the issues.

“Our securities firm is ING (Life Insurance), ING uses Symantec’s on Microsoft Exchange as their mail server and we have been trying for nearly a year to get our Novell GroupWise email to journal in an acceptable format to Symantec’s with no success. We finally had to use the double domain process running ALL our email through Symantec’s email server. This is not an ideal situation. We would prefer to keep it in house so we can continue to take advantage of our encryption server, our spam filter, and so that our iPhones truly SYNC with our email client,” explained Jodi Duncan with Producers XL Marketing & Technical Support.

Novell GroupWise allows external applications to search for and retrieve GroupWise messages and attachments from any GroupWise account. Nexic Journaling provides robust functionality to bridge the gap between a GroupWise system and an external SMTP compliant system, like Symantec Nexic Journaling’s user-friendly interface allowed Producers XL administrators to easily configure and journal messages via the SMTP protocol (using SSL/TLS encryption) to their Symantec archive. They were able to easily journal all internal and external email stored within their GroupWise system.

“Implementing Nexic Journaling was huge for us”, said Jodi Duncan. Producers XL is now able to stay on GroupWise, use their current spam filter, take advantage of their encryption server, and sync with their iPhones, and get rid of the second email domain.

Nexic Journaling is the result of many years of experience in working closely with Novell, GroupWise and other third-party archiving solutions, to allow customers such as Producers XL the option of archiving to numerous archiving solutions like Symantec’s

Nexic, Inc. is a leader in email archiving for GroupWise customers, with strategic relationships with Novell and Symantec among many others. Millions of users in over 30 countries use Nexic products. To find out more information about Nexic or to find information on various industry leading archive solutions, visit


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