Internal GroupWise 8 Launch has begun!

GroupWise 8 will soon be shipping! The anticipation and excitement is increasing as Novell Marketing has begun some of their internal roll out activities on the Novell Campus in Provo, Utah. Similar activities are planned at the other Novell sites.

Just to name a few...

- Novell sponsored a GroupWise 8 on 8 Flag Football Tournament
- Novell sponsored a GroupWise 8 Fitness Challenge (Octathlon) for all employees
- GroupWise 8 Paintings were found on the grass around campus
- GroupWise 8 markings in the parking lot

Here are a few pictures...


Flag Football Team:

I will post some more pictures as other activities begin.



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  • But... of course :) When marketing put together their plan for GroupWise 8, they obviously targeted the current install base as well as outside the current base. The Novell Executive team asked them to revise it and keep the level of marketing to the base, but to extend, expand and grow the marketing efforts for GroupWise 8 beyond the current base and target several verticals, geographies and markets. Everyone has high expectations for this release! I hope all of you do as well and will compliment Novell's efforts with efforts of your own!!