Moving GroupWise to a New Volume - Another Approach



Here is another solution for moving GroupWise to a new volume.


This approach uses DBcopy.

1. Set up a Linux box with DBCopy installed on it.

2. Mount both volumes to different locations, such as /mnt/volumeA and /mnt/volumeB.

3. Use DBcopy as if you were migrating to a different server.

4. Use the script below while the server is running, to pre-migrate the data.

5. Run it over the course of the week before the cutover.

6. Shut down the groupwise agents and run the script a final time.

7. Change all settings in ConsoleOne and restart the agents.

You should have no problems or lost email.

Script Example

#Script to backup groupwise from VolumeA to VolumeB server using dbcopy

echo ****START TIME**** >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt

echo `date` >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt
#mount different volumes

#mount groupwise data volumeA
/opt/ncpmntsh/ -c /opt/ncpmntsh/volumeA.conf >>/tmp/email_migration/results.txt
#mount grpwise data volumeB

/opt/ncpmntsh/ -c /opt/ncpmntsh/VolumeB.conf >>/tmp/email_migration/results.txt

echo *********Copy Post Office******** >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt.txt

echo `date` >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt.txt
#run dbcopy to backup
cd /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/ >>/tmp/email_migration/results.txt.txt
#1st Pass of po copy
#./dbcopy -m -f -v /mnt/VolumeA/grpwise/PO /mnt/VolumeB/grpwise/PO >>/tmp/email_migration/results.txt

#second pass of po copy
./dbcopy -m -s -v /mnt/VolumeA/grpwise/PO /mnt/VolumeB/grpwise/PO >>/tmp/email_migration/results.txt

echo ********Domain********* >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt.txt

echo `date` >> /tmp/email_migration.txt
#run dbcopy to backup primary domain
cd /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/ >>/tmp/email_migration/results.txt.txt

#1st pass
#./dbcopy -m -f -v /mnt/VolumeA/grpwise/Domain /mnt/VolumeB/grpwise/Domain >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt
#2nd pass
./dbcopy -m -s -v /mnt/VolumeA/grpwise/Domain /mnt/VolumeB/grpwise/Domain >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt

echo ***ENDING TIME**** >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt.txt
echo `date` >> /tmp/email_migration/results.txt.txt


  • Groupwise 7.02

  • Netware 6.5 SP5


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