GroupWise Filter for Tasks



A customer wanted users to be able view all tasks in their GroupWise mailboxes, separate and distinct from all other items.


Here's a solution that shows only tasks in the GroupWise view.

1. In Sent Items, click on the linked circles button to the right of the "Filter:" box.

2. In the drop-down box, select Filter.

3. Click the Advanced Filter button.

The Advanced Filter dialog appears.

4. Click the drop-down list just below "Include entries where ..."

5. Select "Item Type" from the list. The default value is Appointment.

6. Scroll down in the list below Appointment and select Tasks.

7. Click OK twice.

Your result will be similar to this:

Remember to clear the filter when you no longer need it:


  • Server side - Netware 6.5/OES2, SLES

  • GroupWise 7.x

  • Windows clients of W2K and XP, patch levels all over the board

  • Novell clients ranging from 4.90 unpatched to 4.91, SP4


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