Email Wants: Great Benefits for Low TCO

What are people looking for when it comes to corporate email nowadays?  Is it the newest social interactivity?  The most modern look and feel?  Integration with other front-end and back-end systems?

It’s a knotty question because I’m not sure there’s one simple answer.  Sure—there are platforms emerging today like Slack that people claim will kill email.  I personally doubt it, however.  I do think changing methods of communication have forced email platforms to evolve, and will continue to force them to innovate. But the death of email?  Really?

So what makes a good email platform in today’s business world?  When are you paying too much for features you don’t really use?  And when are you sacrificing money simply for being cutting edge or conformist?

Often, the evaluation of a “good” email platform comes down to cost/benefits analysis for many companies.  It all boils down to “must have” features and the cost.  And that’s where GroupWise shines.  Not only does GroupWise boast low total cost of ownership (TCO), but it also has the “must have” features you require and a few features you won’t find in other email platforms.

First of all, let’s talk about the total cost of ownership of your email platform.  It’s always difficult to determine TCO since it combines things like hardware costs, admin time, licensing costs, etc.  Luckily, groups like Osterman Research specialize in doing such studies.  A few years ago, they found that for 5,000 users, the 3 year TCO of GroupWise was lower than both Exchange and Office 365.

TCO Total Cost of Ownership for a 5,000-Seat Deployment

That’s great news for GroupWise owners, who enjoy a solid email communication platform with great features—and better TCO than even Office 365.

Speaking of features, there’s one I particularly like in GroupWise: message retraction and tracking.  In GroupWise, the SEND button is no longer the final frontier for your messages.  GroupWise allows you to silently retract unopened emails, appointments, notes or tasks after they’ve been sent, saving you the embarrassment of flooding recipients’ mailboxes with corrections or apologies. You can also quietly track who has opened, replied, forwarded, accepted or deleted an item.

When it all comes down to it—GroupWise 2014 R2 really is a great platform for corporate email.  It has most, if not all, the “must have” features needed in today’s business world, some great features not found in other email platforms—and a lower TCO than other on-site email solutions.  If you’re not using the latest version of GroupWise, you need to check it out!  GroupWise 2014 R2 is a platform that’s built for today’s corporate communications—and evolving to meet tomorrow’s needs as well.

P.S. To help direct the evolution of GroupWise—be sure to enter your ideas in the GroupWise Idea Portal.  The Ideas Portal can be found at


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