Standalone GroupWise for Archived Email

Q: RT wrote: Our College is converting from GroupWise 7.0 to a Microsoft Outlook product (IT has made this decision in conjunction with other colleges in the system.) Can I purchase a stand-alone copy just to be able to access "Archived" e-mails if they are archived to my personal desktop without interfering with the College's default e-mail application?

A: GroupWise doesn't really have this ability in a nice fashion. You can set up a remote/cache mailbox which will run on your local hard drive and then deselect to connect to the main GroupWise mailbox under the account tab. You could also check out GroupWise@Home by going to There may also be other third party utilities out there but they would most likely not be free.

Sorry to hear you have to leave GroupWise. You are going to miss it. We've heard from many people who get GroupWise after years of using Outlook, and they rave on about the stuff that's lacking in Outlook. Come back here and post the things you miss once you make the move.


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