GroupWise 2014 R2 HP1 Ships!

Today I am pleased to announce that we have shipped Hot Patch (HP) 1 for GroupWise 2014 R2.

This is in response to many customers that have upgraded to 2014 R2 or are waiting to upgrade to 2014 R2 once the first patch is released.

In addition to the normal security updates that you see in an HP, this HP also includes fixes for some customer reported defects.

All of these issues in the Hot Patch have been previously available as an FTF. We have had many customers take FTFs. If you have done so you should continue to stay on the FTF. For customers on 14.2.0 we suggest you apply this Hot Patch. For customers waiting to upgrade to 2014 R2, we suggest you go straight to the Hot Patch.

The patch is available now for customers on Maintenance in the patch finder.  For a full list of the fixes available in the Hot Patch please see the readme associated with the patch.


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