GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2 Ships


Last week Micro Focus shipped the latest version of GroupWise, GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2. In the past support packs were not all that interesting, however over the last couple of releases of GroupWise you will notice that we have included new features even in support packs. GroupWise 2014 R2 SP2 continues that trend and I want to specifically talk about the addition of Filr Integrations in this release.

With this release of GroupWise you can now store attachments in Filr instead of GroupWise for a single point of storage. This feature will not only help improve TCO by lowering storage demands, but it also enhances team collaboration.

When sending a Filr reference instead of a traditional attachment, recipients will always be able to see the latest version of the document. You also get true single instance storage of a file instead of emailing several versions of the file around.

Filr integrations is a client option that the administrator can choose to enable or disable. By default the integration is turned off. In addition to turning it on, as an administrator you can force all attachments or attachments over a specified size into Filr.

From the GroupWise client you also have the ability to search Filr for documents.

In this release we focused the integrations with Filr on the server side. Meaning GroupWise communicates with Filr server and not the desktop client. In future releases we want to keep enhancing this Integration so look for this feature to get even better in upcoming releases.

So what's next?

The next Major release of GroupWise will be in the 2H of 2017,  codename "Wasatch".   I have already given a taste of whats in the "Wasatch" release here:

Now that we have shipped 2014 R2 Sp2 I plan to start sharing more details on "Wasatch" on this blog. So please stay tuned.


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