GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1 Ships!


I am excited to announce that we have released GroupWise 2014 R2 SP1 (14.2.1). This patch is available for customers active on maintenance and will be available to download in the next couple of days from your customer account if it is not already available.

While this release is mainly a support pack - it does have new features that come directly from the IDEAS forum, Customer visits by PM, and some frequently reported customer enhancements.

Here's what is shipping:





    • Improved usability of adding a Calendar in WebAccess


    • SSO AD Support for Linux POAs (Kerberos)

In addition to the features above, there are a number of smaller bug-fix-like enhancements to functionality, performance or usability that were made in order to resolve customer reports. These are some of those types of changes:

    • We added hotkeys for reply, reply-to-all, and forward


    • Recurrence now automatically sets the day of the week for weekly recurrence based on the start date


    • Increased the performance of opening attachments in the client


    • Added server information and peak data to the information collected when sending the snapshot csv file


    • Groups can now be expanded from within the Address Selector


    • Can now accept items in subscribed calendars


    • Alarms can be set/cleared all instances of recurring appointments


    • Nicknames can used in send, forward and reply rule actions


    • Users can navigate directly to the last page of the published calendars list

We recently conducted a webinar on what is new in 2014 R2 SP1. If you missed it you can still watch it here to see the new features in action.

In addition to the new features available there are several improvements to performance and fixes to customer reported issues like any support pack that we release.  If  you are currently using GroupWise 2014 R2,  or 2014 R2 HP1 we encourage you to update to this support pack. For customers that are on GroupWise 2014 or earlier and awaiting the release of SP1 to upgrade, here it is!

We do have an upcoming release for GroupWise Mobility Server 2014 R2 SP1 as well. I know this release is highly anticipated for the long awaited shared folder, calendar and address book support. GMS is currently in beta and we are looking to a Fall public release.

Next on the release schedule for GroupWise will be GroupWise 2017. Now that we have R2 SP1 out the door stay tuned for more information on GroupWise 2017.


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