GroupWise Web July Tech Preview Update


492061067.jpgIn case you hadn’t already seen it, there is a new update to the Tech Preview of GroupWise Web (GW Web), Between officially supported releases, we continue to post "Tech Preview" versions of GW Web. This is the second Tech Preview since we released GW Web 18.2.1.

Tech Preview is available in both an English Tech Preview and a  multi-lingual Tech Preview.

(Note, the multi-lingual release does not yet have the localized string changes we've made for this Tech Preview.  As we localize the strings, we will post an updated multi-lingual release.)

This Tech Preview contains the following updates:

  • Renamed the Vacation Rule to Out of Office Rule
    • This is a popular enhancement request from the GroupWise IDEA Exchange. It will be available in GW Web and the Windows client in the official release of GroupWise 18.3
  • Resolved issues with URLs not loading correctly.
  • Added the ability to load URLs that are embedded in text.
  • Various improvements and fixes for Browsers and mobile.

For more detailed information on what is in this Tech preview  please check out the overview

One thing you are not seeing in this Tech Preview is the addition of Proxy.  While that is not in this Tech Preview it is on track and it is code complete.  We are going through additional testing and UI improvements and plan to have a Beta available in the future.  Proxy in GW Web is ahead of plans and will be available for the Official release of GroupWise 18.3.

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