Ideas Works!

In June we introduced the Ideas portal to the community.   Ideas is our new way of managing enhancement request for our different product lines.  If you missed the announcement please check it out here, if you haven’t participated yet please come take a look at the Ideas portals for GroupWise & Vibe.

Today I wanted to say, it’s working, we are listening.  In my follow up post to the announcement I committed to you that the Ideas portal would be used as a data point in our planning cycle for futures releases. This information combined with regular onsite visits to customers from Product Managers will help us prioritize the work for each release.  I asked you to visit often and be active in the community.

Initially I had planned to use the Ideas portal to plan what features/solutions would be included in future releases after this year’s release of GroupWise 2014 R2.   I am pleased to announce to you that we couldn’t wait.  Today I have marked a new Idea as Planned in the Ideas portal. We have taken the top request to date from the GroupWise Ideas portal and plan to ship it to you as a solution this year in the GroupWise 2014 R2 release.

The request,  “Auto remove Proxy Access and Proxy Calendars for deleted users”,   is that when a user account is deleted, anyone who had that account in the proxy access list or a proxy calendar will get an error every time they try to access it.  To get rid of the error you would have to manually remove someone from your proxy list.  This annoyance has come up in several of my onsite visits with customers in addition to it being the top request in Ideas.   The solution is to automate the cleanup of that list.

Not only am I pleased to have marked the idea as planned, the engineering team has already demo’d the solution for me and when we go to technical preview for GroupWise 2014 R2 in a couple of weeks you can see it to.

The way it works is simple.  If you have ever proxied to a user or setup a proxy calendar that user(s) will appear in your proxy list.   The client will now periodically check that list and see if the user is still in the system.  If the user is no longer in the system when you open your proxy list from the client you will be prompted/notified with a popup that the user is no longer in the system and they will be removed from your proxy list, or the proxy calendar is removed.

As an added bonus, if you have ever granted proxy rights to someone, but they are no longer in the system the client will clean up the access list in the Proxy Access tab of security options.

What I really like about how this is implemented is not only does it clean up the list, but you get a prompt with who is being removed from the list.

I hope that you find this news delightful and exciting. Not only is a problem solved, but you can know we are engaged with the Ideas portal and that we will use requests from the Ideas portal in our release planning.  So please participate in the community and help us keep making GroupWise better!


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