by Michael Ippolito

This free utility exports email messages from one or more folders
in a GroupWise 7 account to standard mime (*.eml) format. Filenames of
exported messages can be customized based on subject, date, sender
and/or recipient. Files created using this utility can then be opened
outside of GroupWise with other email programs (e.g., Outlook Express).
GWSave runs on Windows XP, with the Microsoft .Net Framework v1.1,
against a GroupWise 7 sp1 client/post office. It may run on other
versions, but I haven't tested it. Because of the limitations of
GroupWise API's, some messages containing embedded graphics may not save
correctly (i.e., if a message has more than one embedded image, I can't
guarantee that the images will appear in the correct order).

One additional limitation is on filename length: win32 allows 255
characters, but GroupWise apparently only allows 229 characters, so this
utility has that limitation also. This utility is provided as-is, and
is far from guaranteed to be free from defects. It is only guaranteed

Fixed in this version: June 26, 2007

  1. Saved copy of messages with multiple embedded images would display only the first image for all instances of embedded images.

  • Messages forwarded as attachments now save correctly.

  • Settings (folder path, filename format, etc) are now remembered.

  • Slight speed improvement gained, but it is still slow if saving many messages.

Fixed in this version: December 9, 2007

Fixed some reported bugs, including a problem where the file modified date of the exported .eml file didn't match the date of the message.


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