GWEvents Reader

Our customer experienced a problem between his Mobile Server and the GroupWise System: the synchronization lasted up to three hours which meant an unacceptably bad performance. Additionally the Postoffice Agents log files were constantly filled with the following error messages: "Error with GWEvent notification [8908]".

Despite extensive error tracing (e.g.: Are the necessary ports available both at the Mobile Server and at the GroupWise server? Does the network connection work properly? What do the network traces show? Etc.) we could not determine the error. Therefore we developed an application for better fault location so we could read the Groupwise event registrations on the SOAP interface per user.

With the help of this application we could quickly discover that the events registration was accomplished by the Mobile Server using the wrong IP-address. The Mobile Server had two network interfaces (by name: "Backup" and "System"). As the registration process was always done using the IP-address of the backup NIC the event notification failed consequently. Deactivating the NIC corrected the Mobile Servers registration process. From this moment the synchronization worked as properly and as fast as we knew it from other systems.

We want to provide this utility named GWEvents".

SOAP without SSL active at the Postoffice Agent
Trustedapplication Key (we generated our own key "ITDESIGN")
DotNet Framework

Enter "http://postofficeagent:port/soap" in the URL field

Username: Name of the user whose GWEvent information is looked for.

Key: Trusted Application Key

App Name: Name of the trusted application

Start: Button "Get Events"


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