Mailbox Limit Sizes and Warnings in GroupWise



A Forum reader recently asked:

"We are running GroupWise 7 SP2 HP1a. Most clients are forced into cache mode, with about 15% using WebAccess. I am about to implement mailbox size limits and have spent a lot of time prepping users for the change, including cleaning up their mailboxes, archiving etc. My question is this: say I implement the limit and I have users that are still exceeding the new limit - what is going to happen? I know that as you near a limit GroupWise will warn you then stop your ability to send messages, but what happens when you are already over the limit when they are exceeded? Does it start deleting, and if so, what is the criteria?"

And here's the response from Tim Heywood ...


The trick to this is to start with a large (high) limit and a low warning level.

So, let's say you want each of your users to have a limit of say 300MB. You start by setting the limit at 900MB but the warning limit at say 25% (225MB). When they are within that and used to it, you reduce the limit to 500MB and set the warning to 50%. The last stage is to set the limit to 300 and the warning at 90%.

As you can see, the warnings start at larger quantities of mail, but the total limit is reduced.


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