GW View Designer - how it works on all GW8 versions (and Ascot as well)

Hi GW admin,

As most of you know there is a GW View Designer for practically every GW version, for GW800, GW801, GW802, etc.

I blogged about this before, checked it, and noticed I need to make a few changes to the prev blog, so let's make it right here. A new blog.

First, HOW it works. You need 3 things.
1 Files from GW800 (client),
2 The GW View Designer for GW800,
3 Some files from the version you run now (client). GW801, 02, 03 and IMO it will work with Ascot too.

The GW800 (client files can be found in the WIN_CLIENT download from the GW8 Evaluation :
Extract the WIN_CLIENT (gw800_client_win_en.exe) and copy the following files from the win32 subdir :


Put these files in a new empty directory.

Copy the VDESIGN.EXE and gwvda1en.dll and gwvda1en.hlp from the GW800 View Designer (which is available at

Add these files to the same directory.

Next make a subdir called viewers in that directory. Copy from your C:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise directory (where the latest client is installed) the following files to that subdir viewers : de*.dll, scc*.dll and vs*.dll. These are plus minus 200 files.

Now create the following BAT or CMD file in the directory with VDESIGN.EXE:

@echo off
set xpath=%path%
set path=%path%;./viewers
set path=%xpath%

Running this batch file will add the subdir viewers to the path and start VDESIGN.EXE. All the files in the directory are GW800 based, and cause Windows .EXE files look in the current directory first the VDESIGN.EXE will have all the files it needs in its directory. Whether you have a GW802HP2 installed, the GW800 files will be used.

If you want it now, download all files in one ZIP file from Read the readme.txt for the last steps.

I want to thank Ed Hanley for maintaining the View Designer over the years. Ed, tnx!



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