GroupWise Address Book to CSV Export by Tommy Mikkelsen - FREE Tool

This cool tool will allow you to export a GroupWise Addressbook into a CSV - comma separated file or a tab delimited text file. After selecting the address book, you can select which fields should be exported and if you want to include header as well. The header fields can even be customized, which is really cool!

AB2CSV allows you to export a GroupWise Addressbook into a CSV - comma separated file or a tab delimited text file and offers many advantages over other export facilities. For example, after setting and storing the initial defaults, you can run the tool with the switch "/Auto" for unattended run. You can also give specify the switch "/Silent" to suppress all dialogs.

The system requirements are:

    • GroupWise 6.5.2 or above client installed


    • Windows 2000 or above

However, please note that the tool has only been tested with Windows XP running GroupWise 8.0.0HP2.

How does it work?

The tool uses the native GroupWise Windows API's to access the address book data. After starting the tool, you can select the addressbook, which you want to export. You can add the fields you want to export, as well as order in which you want them to be exported. You can include "Header Line" with all the field names and you can even customize the name of the fields by double clicking on the individual fields.

You cans also save all the settings so they can be used as default values. If you then edit this file and remove the entry named ABookName from the section named General, the program will, when run with the parameter "/Auto", only popup a dialog to the user asking for the addressbook to use.



This cool tool is provided to you FREE of charge, all you need to do is create an Open Horizons account and login. You can then access this page for the download details.

Best Regards

Tommy Mikkelsen

Yet Another GroupWiseR Dude


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