Solving HTML Issues with New GroupWise Installations



After creating a new GroupWise system, I found that messages sent in HTML format were delivered in plain text, with a block of HTML code at the bottom. Internal messages were formatted correctly. Reinstalling GWIA didn't fix the problem.


The GWIA defaulted to "uuencoding" instead of to MIME format. Resetting the GWIA to use MIME fixed the problem.


  • GroupWise 7.02 with Hotfix 1a

  • NetWare

  • ConsoleOne 1.36f on WIndows


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  • My Language is Brazilian Portuguese and this happened when I did a Service Pack 703. The problem is not the service pack, but the GWIA.CFG file that was not found by the installation program, so GWIA was without the default info.
    Strange characters on Subjet and on emil body. Attachments was pasted into the email body, so a PLAIN TEXT email.
    The solution was to put a /mime on GWIA.CFG, shutdown gwia and reload GWIA. 100% solved