Migrating GroupWise to New Hardware



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I am doing a hardware upgrade on my single GW server running GW 7.01. Following the hardware upgrade, when the new server takes on the identity of the old one, do I run a new install or do I upgrade from the GroupWise setup
option? I plan to move the entire GroupWise directory structure over."

And here is the response from Michael Bell ...


GroupWise migration is easy.

1. Down the old POA.

2. Move structure over. Make sure you move your startup files and gwia.cfg, etc., too!

3. Reinstall the agents. For example, with the POA and MTA just go the agents subdir, run setup/install, and just click ok repeatedly. Don't add the startup file info when it prompts. For GWIA, run with the /copyonly option.

4. Check startup files for any hard-coded IP or volumes. See note on #5.

5. Check GroupWise objects in ConsoleOne for unc/IP stuff. If the unc (server, volume, and path) and IP address are both the same, this will be incredibly painless - no work needed.

6. You're done!


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