Creating an Annual, Recurring Event in GroupWise


By Bryan Keadle


You need to create a recurring, annual event - such as a birthday or anniversary - in Groupwise.


Here's what you do:

1. Create a new, Posted ReminderNote.

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Figure 1

2. Enter a subject. TIP: Standardize on a prefix (e.g., Birthday) for searching/sorting later on.

3. Click the Calendar button next to the Start Date field, and select the Select Recurring link.

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Figure 2

4. In the Auto-Date dialog box, click the Formula tab.

5. Enter (Month Day) - e.g., Sep 12 - and the number of occurrences.

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Figure 3

6. Click OK.

You should now have an "Auto-Date" field with (Recurring Date) filled in.

7. Select Post to add the annual event.

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Figure 4

Once you have your calendar populated with your annual events such as birthday, anniversaries, etc., you may want to see a list of them.

8. Run the Find tool, specify a subject of " Birthday: ", Item type as Note, and specify the date range between January 1st and December 31st for the year.

Click to view.

Figure 5

You will now have a nice list view of the annual birthdays in your calendar.


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