Getting GroupWise Nightly User Upkeep to Stick



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I'm running a GroupWise 7.02 hp1a system. Although nightly user upkeep is enabled, recently moved users are not having their frequent contacts updated. I've tried disabling/re-enabling and changing the start time for user upkeep but no change. I even tried a post office rebuild. Also, I'm not seeing any indication in the log file that it is running at the specified time. Suggestions?"

And here's the response from Michael Bell ...


It definitely should show up in the log.

Try this:

1. Set logs to "verbose," of course.

2. Open the POA.

3. Change the time of the POA upkeep and click OK. Let the change save.

4. Reopen the POA.

5. Deselect POA Upkeep.

6. Click OK and let the change save.

7. Reopen the POA and reselect POA Upkeep.

8. Click OK and let the change save.


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