Restoring Messages for a GroupWise Resource



A Forum reader recently asked:

"How do you restore all messages for a GroupWise resource? The Groupwise Utilities > Backup/Restore Mailbox menu item is grayed out when a resource is selected. Isn't the procedure the same as for restoring a user's mailbox? I tried proxying into the resource from my account, choosing File > Open Backup, but I keep getting d107 errors (record not found).

I found a TID for GroupWise 6.5 that said to close the client, run groupwise.exe /@u- and log in as the resource itself. But resources don't have passwords. How am I supposed to log into it?"

And here's the response from Joe Marton ...


1. Log in to GroupWise as the owner of the resource via "/@u-".

2. Proxy into the resource.

3. Create a password.

4. Use "/@u-" to log in as the resource directly.


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