Getting GroupWise to Recognize the Default Linux Web Browser



I am running SUSE Linux 10.2, and I have Firefox set as my default web browser in the system. And yet GroupWise still sends URLs to "kfmclient". How can I get GroupWise to recognize my default Linux browser?


GroupWise for Linux does not have an option for setting the default web browser. I have read that it is supposed to use the system's default web browser, but that is not true.

After exhausting all of the more reasonable paths, I finally came up with this hack:

1. Go to where kfmclient is found (which I found using "which kfmclient"):

cd /opt/kde3/bin

2. Change the name of kfmclient in case you ever want to use it again:

sudo mv kfmclient kfmclient.bak

3. Create a new kfmclient file with the following text in it:

sudo vi kfmclient

4. Type the following into the new kfmclient:

  # Strip 'exec' off the front of the URL since GroupWise tacks that on
if [ $1 == "exec" ]; then
# Send the remaining arguments to firefox
/usr/bin/firefox $@

5. Make the new file executable:

sudo chmod x kfmclient

After I did that, the URLs I clicked on in GroupWise came up in Firefox just fine!


  • SUSE Linux 10.2

  • GroupWise 6.5
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