GroupWise: Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack 1.2.2 Available!


Novell announces the immediate availability of Update 2 for the Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack. We continue to build on the quality and robust capability of Update 1, which shipped in December 2011.

This release, which follows closely on our 12/15 1.2.1 release, is focused primarily on defect fixes. In the last two months we've addressed more than 60 issues, over half had been marked with a Services Priority indicating customer visibility and more urgent customer need.

The following product improvements are also included:

    • On-Demand LDAP Group Polling: In Synchronizer Web Admin, you can cause Synchronizer to reread LDAP groups in order to immediately bring the latest changes into Synchronizer. On the Manage Global Settings page, click Poll LDAP Now.


    • Disk Space Monitoring Tool: The script runs automatically along with the Synchronizer services. If the /var partition where log files are stored becomes more than 90% full, the script stops the Synchronizer services to prevent data loss as a result of running out of disk space.


    • Event Recovery: If the Synchronizer service goes down unexpectedly, or if you stop it while it still has unprocessed events in its queue, the Synchronizer service handles previously received but unprocessed events when you restart it. This prevents the loss of unprocessed events.

The readme with all of the details is available!

Looking ahead, we also hope to deliver a Data Sync (not mobility) 1.2.2 release in a couple of weeks to provide better support for our 3S connectors. We are working with our partners and will announce the availability of the update as soon as possible.

We've scoped the work for our Mobility 1.2.3 release. Again, this will be focused on quality--the bulk of our work will be knocking down defects, with a heavy emphasis on calendar. We're estimating another 8-week cycle – target the end of April if all goes as planned.

Following our Mobility 1.2.3 release, the plan is to return the attention to Eenou. This release we will version 1.3 and the current plan is to include features like task support, improved monitoring and admin improvements - as well as ongoing bug fixes.

Frequent, regular and increased stability and functionality with each release!!

Download instructions remain the same as all previous updates and release for Mobility. I will refer you back to a previous blog where the basic details are all still accurate.




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