GroupWise: Protocol Flow Diagram...


One of your Strategic Services Architects put this diagram together a few months back and I thought it is an excellent resource to share.

This diagram illustrates how a GroupWise system should be configured to ensure proper message flow, agent communication and system access.

A few notes to know while viewing this diagram.

    • The port assignments are 'defaults', most are configurable.


    • Communication between agents/services is bi-directional. The arrows simply indicate where the IP session is initiated from.


    • Not all of the Web Console ports for all agents are displayed. This is for simplicity. There is one example, but the other agents also have Web Console Ports.


    • This diagram is intended to show as many configurations as possible. Obviously, your GroupWise system may not have every component and it will be less complex.

There are also sub-sets of this diagram in the GroupWise Documentation. They show message flow for several different configurations, user to user, administrative messages, etc.

Here is the link:

This information is very useful as you configure your system, troubleshoot port conflicts, validate standard practices and look for message flow problems.

The architect, Ed Hanley, tried to represent enough of the system to give an administrator all of the information he/she would need to assess protocol flow. Multiple MTAs, GWIA's, WebAccess and Post Offices configurations are represented. Also the interaction with Novell Instant Messenger, GroupWise Mobility Pack, BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Monitor. In addition to port numbers and connections, Ed also conveniently identified the type of protocol each connection is using: MTP, WAP, SOAP, TCP, CP, UDP, SMTP, ActiveSync, etc.

Let us know if you have questions or need further clarifications.



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