Creating GroupWise Spam Filtering Rules



We have recently experience a rash of spam with similar words in the subject, such as "Hi, it's me", "Hello again", or any number of subjects with similar words in them. If your company does not use spam filtering, here is how to create a GroupWise spam filter for annoying e-mails with similar subjects ...


1. Open GroupWise and select Tools, Rules, and click New. The box below will open.

2. Enter SPAM as the rule name and check Mail under Item Types.

3. Click the Add Action tab and choose Move To Folder.

4. Navigate to your Junk Mail folder and select it. The screen should look similar to this:

Figure 1 - Spam rule definition

5. Click the Define Conditions box.

6. From the left dropdown box, select Subject; from the middle dropdown box, select "contains"; and in the open box, type the irritating subject you wish to eliminate. The box should now look similar to this:

Figure 2 - Creating conditions

7. Add as many items as you want by using the dropdown box where "End" is located. You can choose to eliminate email based on any number of criteria as specified in the first dropdown box.

8. Click OK.

9. Click Save, and your rule is complete.

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