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Dr. JBK wrote: How do I print out the list of folders I have in GroupWise 8? And can I select multiple folders?

Answer: GroupWise does not natively have a utility that will let you print out a list of folders or select multiple folders. There may be third-party tools available for doing this. If anyone knows of a way to do this, please post a comment below.


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  • Thanks for providing the tip Lothar.

    After I read this post I took a quick look at our internal Formativ solutions list. It turns out we do have a commercial applet, Publish Folder List, which has much more functionality, although we never released it for broad distribution.

    Here is some brief information on the solution.


    Publish Folder List
    Copyright (c) 2008 Advansys Pty Limited

    Publish GroupWise folders and messages into a HTML tree view.

    1. Select the Folder icon from the GroupWise toolbar to execute this solution.
    2. Choose to publish the selected folder(s) or all folders in the current account.
    3. Choose to include the messages in the HTML tree view.
    4. Optionally include a date range to filter included messages.
    5. Choose to expand or collapse the HTML tree nodes.
    6. Choose to open the HTML document in a Formativ Portal or open in default HTML browser.

    - Supports the main GroupWise account or a proxied account.
    - Also includes features for reporting on shared folders and address books.

    If it may be of interest, you can write to sales(AT) for further information.

    Kind Regards,

    Greg Bell