*Easy* way to report on GroupWise mailbox sizes


One of my more popular Cool Solutions tools has been GWAttachmentStats. The main purpose of this tool was to be able to get a sort-able list of my GroupWise mailbox sizes. This required running a specific report which creates a poorly formatted log file, then running GWAttachmentStats to clean it up and put it in a format that can be imported into a spreadsheet so that you can sort on the columns.

I just discovered a much easier way to do this and makes the GWCheck process obsolete!

It's this easy:

  1. In Console One, select your GroupWise System object

  • Select the Users from the object drop-down list

  • From the View menu, select Edit Columns (whoa! how'd I miss this all these years?!)

  • Add columns to this view, including Current Mailbox Size (MB) and look at all these other great fields to report on!:

  • Too bad that the Sort drop-down list next to Users doesn't list these newly-added columns as sortable options. So...

  • Select all user objects you see on a given page, then press Ctrl C to copy the selection into your clipboard and paste into a spreadsheet! Sort to your hearts content!

Unfortunately, you can't do a "Select All", C1 will only select the objects that you can actually see in the right pane so you have to repeat the Select/Copy/Paste a page at a time until you've pasted all the users you want in your report.

I especially like being able to see/sort on the Last Client Login Time and client type.

How cOOl is that?!

GWAttachmentStats provides other information about number of messages, and offers some details on the attachments so it's still a relevant tool, but for quick reporting/viewing of mailbox sizes (and other available columns in the C1 view), this is a much better/quicker/easier way.


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  • You can update your totals by selecting your Groupwise System object in Console One, select the Post Offices from the Object drop-down list, select your POs (that you want to update), go to the Tools / Groupwise Utilities / Mailbox-Library Maintenance, and select Audit report from the Action drop-down menu. This should give you updated information after the GWCheck is complete. For good measure, do a Refresh (from the View menu) to update your view.
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