Avoiding Spell-Checker Crashes with the GroupWise Client



A Forum reader recently asked:

"Whenever I compose mail and start to type in either the Subject or in the body, GroupWise crashes after two keystrokes. It is related to the spell checker. I turned off auto spell-checking, and GroupWise stopped crashing."

And here's the response from George Passantino ...


I've dealt with this before. You need to check the registry and make sure that GroupWise knows the proper locations of the UWL files (it needs to know the location of them).

Here are the filenames:


Also, there is a specific DLL, MSVCRT.DLL that there tends to be various versions of, on a Microsoft PC. I rename/remove them and then reinstall the GW client, which tends to fix the issue.


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  • I'm running 7.02HP and this solution does not work
  • Turning off spell check was a handy tip to solve this odd behavior. On a WinXP/SP3 machine, running the latest NW client (4.91 sp5), a GroupWise 7.0.2 setup just started crashing this way, after running fine for years.

    In this instance, GW started misbehaving like this today after an uninstall of Firefox 3.0.4 and install of the latest version [3.0.6] as well as an update of the Symantec Endpoint Protection to ver 11.0.2 and the latest NW Client--those were the only three 'updates' to this workstation yesterday that could be linked to this new behavior.

    Turn off spell checking, and it's fine. Now I need to get to the root of this. However, I did want to say that for a US workstation, the registry key for the "User Word List 0" points to:

    c:\documents and settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\GroupWise\WT16US.UWL

    Wondering what in those three updates (Symantec, NW Client, Firefox) began meddling with the user dictionaries?? Hmm....
  • GroupWise crashes when replying to mail, found out the following.

    End user was spellchecking a lot. The following reg key references to your personal word list.

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Novell\User Word List\6.1\UK\User Word List 0 = C:\Documents and Settings\user profile\Local Settings\Application Data\WT61UK.UWL

    In the users case it was 0bytes. Mine was 9K. I swapped them over and hey presto it works (what happens if there is no file?).

    It does mean that this file is specific to the PC and does not follow the user around, it would be nice to have this built into the users mailbox a bit like the addressbook, it means if they desk hop it will follow them around?

    I have created a shortcut to C:\Documents and Settings\user profile\Local Settings\Application Data for the end user so they can back up the file periodically.