New survey reveals the most pressing IT concerns of the GroupWise Community

Storage management, GroupWise archiving, and replacing legacy hardware are the top concerns expressed by GroupWise users in a recent survey conducted by Messaging Architects. Other concerns that ranked high among respondents were user moves and post office consolidations.

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  • Replacing legacy hardware was a top concern? When did moving GroupWise to new hardware become difficult? It's not even that hard to move it from Netware to Linux on different hardware. Replacing legacy hardware is one of those general IT concerns for any platform/application/OS, it's not an e-mail specific thing. It's a time/budget issue.

    I would think that feature parity with Outlook to keep people from migrating away would near the top. Having your archive accessible from the main folder screen the way pst's are in Outlook is a need.

    How about CRM Integration with things like Sales Logix, Act, Goldmine, or other CRM's that people have actually heard of in the top corporate world. I'm not bashing SugarCRM here or ContactWise, but ask any non IT person, or IT person who isn't in a Novell/GroupWise shop if they have ever heard of them and the answer is almost always going to be no. Does it integrate with any of the top 15 CRM programs out there?

    One list shows the following for the top 15 (,289142,sid11_gci1249200,00.html) (alphabetical order)

    * Ardexus MODE v. 5.5 -- Ardexus Inc.
    * C2 CRM v. 8.0 -- Clear Technologies Inc.
    * CMS/Oncontact V, v. 5.2 -- Oncontact Software Corp.
    * Goldmine v. 7.0.3 & HEAT -- FrontRange Solutions Inc.
    * Maximizer Enterprise 9.5 -- Maximizer Software Inc.
    * Microsoft CRM 3.0 -- Microsoft Corp.
    * NetSuite CRM v. 11.0 & NetSuite v. 11.0 -- NetSuite Inc.
    * Powertrak v. 8.02 -- Axonom Inc.
    * Relavis CRM 7.0 -- Relavis Corp.
    * RightNow CRM v. 8.0 -- RightNow Technologies Inc.
    * Sage CRM 100/200 v. 6.0 -- Sage Software
    * Sage SalesLogix v. 7.0 -- Sage Software
    * -- Inc.
    * Salesplace 2006.3.2 -- Interchange Solutions
    * SalesPage CRM -- SalesPage Technologies LLC
    * Siebel CRM OnDemand -- Oracle/Siebel Systems Inc.
    * StayinFront CRM v. 9.3 -- StayinFront Inc.

    Another top15 list here:

    CIO magazines top 10:

    When last I chatted with OnContact they had native GW support. (You will be hard pressed to get any details on their website.)

    Linkpoint360 has a product that integrates GroupWise to Salesforce.

    Omni has products that integrate GW with SugarCRM and Salesforce. Thanks guys for filling in the gaps, there's still more to be done in order to spread GroupWise to more companies. Sage, Goldmine and Seibel are big ones.

    GroupWise has archiving solutions provided by third party vendors, likewise there's document retention software, virus scanning and spam filtering software. What it needs is wide spread CRM integration. I don't know how that didn't make #1 on the list.
  • This looks like blatently commercial spamming to me - "our survey says you need our services! contact us and talk about our services!"