Handling a Domain Name Switch for GroupWise


Authored by: Paul Lamontagne


A Forum reader recently asked:

"My company is getting ready to switch our domain name (web/email). I'm unsure as to what steps I need to take in GroupWise through ConsoleOne to make sure there are no complications with this."

And here's the response from Paul Lamontagne ...


1. Make sure you have the appropriate registered domain.

2. Create an "A" record in DNS zone for the new domain for the box where GWIA is loaded.

3. Create an "MX" record for the mail exchanger.

4. Create a "PTR" reverse in-addr.arpa DNS zone record for the domain.

5. Go to ConsoleOne > GroupWise system operations > Internet Addressing.

6. Add the new domain. Make it the default if you want everyone to start sending mail in the new domain.


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