When you need to do an audit of your GroupWise system (for licensing true-up or otherwise), you would create a GWCheck Audit report:


which produces a resulting log file that's not very helpful because it is not in a format that you can import into a spreadsheet for reporting purposes.
I sure wish that GWCheck would give us a delimited output (or an option for it) so that we can have more flexibility to work with the data it produces! if you agree, feel free to submit an enhancement request here)


GWAuditReport is a utility, much like my GWAttachmentStats, that takes the GWCheck log file and turns it from this:


into a TAB-delimited file, that can then be brought into a spreadsheet, so it looks like this:


I can more easily identify outdated/unused and inactive mailboxes so that I can cleanup my system *BEFORE* submitting the audit to Novell. I saved over 10% in my GroupWise licensing costs by taking this proactive measure!


2014-02-23: Updated v1.1 to address DirChange error


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  • Looks like bkeadle uploaded a newer v1.11 version dated 3-5-2014 of GWAuditReport.exe that no loner requires the sub-directory of C:\Novell\GroupWise\. Great. Now it looks for files in the sub-directory that you start the program up in. Thanks.
  • This GWAuditReport.exe will run under Windows XP to Windows 8.10.

    This utility, when run, looks for an empty subdirectory of


    to start looking for GWCheck log files. If it can not find this

    subdirectory, you will get a startup error of:

    1031: DirChange: Dir not found/changed
    On line 819 of O:\wbt\GWAuditReport.wbt
    In Routine "recentfilesudf"

    So just create this subdirectory to get this program going.

    After the program has run successfully one time, it creates a

    Windows Registry branch of


    with the path to the directory you last worked with. Now you

    no longer need the empty subdirectory of c:\Novell\GroupWise\

    After the program runs once, it also creates a WBDHB44I.DLL file

    in the directory where its executable is located.
  • I am having great trouble downloading this tools. The zip files seems to be corrupt and reports that it is missing 332 bytes of data.

    Would really appreciate getting a copy of this if possible.

  • I was looking for a utility like this in Spring of 2009.

    I solved it by using a VBA procedure in Access.

    This is certainly a quicker method for when the boss wants a quick count for licensing.


    Glen Wittig
  • When I run this on WInXP I get this message. DirChange(FilePath(FileSpec)).
    It appears to be hard coded to O:\wbt\gwauditreport\
    Here is more info on this.

    1031: DirChange" Dir not found.changed

    on line 819 of O:\wbt\gwauditreport.wbt
    in routine "recentfilesudf"