Import users from Active Directory to GroupWise 2014

GroupWise 2014 now supports ties to Active Directory,  meaning that the GroupWise users can be associated to Active Directory accounts.  The new GroupWise Admin Console has the ability to import users from Active Directory to GroupWise.   This import process will use the users AD samAccountName attribute to create the GroupWise object ID.

If you have Active Directory users with samAccountNames containing characters that are not supported as GroupWise object names,  such as a period,  then the import process from the GroupWise Admin Console will fail.  For example,  in AD,  as users samAccountName could be john.doe.   This would be an illegal GroupWise object name.

This utility will provide you a way to import Active Directory accounts that may have this issue.  You would need to provide the utility with a 'formula' for creating the GroupWise account name,  such as FirstnameLastInitial,  FirstNameLastName,  etc.   The utility uses a config file to set the option you wish to use,  or you can set the utility to be interactive,  so you can override the suggested GroupWise account name and supply any name you desire for each user.

A sample config file and a readme is included in the zip file.

There are Windows and Linux versions of the utility,  however, due to complexities of using SSL with  the Python LDAP libraries on Linux, the Linux version does not support a SSL LDAP connection to Active Directory.   If you need to connect using SSL,  use the Windows version.


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