HTML Newsletters in GroupWise

Q. Russell B. wrote: I am going to begin designing a internal newsletter for all employees at my company. All use GroupWise. I am wondering if GroupWise supports HTML or CSS email formats. I don't want to design and implement this email newsletter if GroupWise will not support HTML or CSS. Thank you.

A. Not to worry, Russell. GroupWise does support HTML natively but not CSS. You'll be fine if you stick to HTML.

According to the GroupWise Help:

The formatting options you have when composing a message depend on the Compose View you have selected. If the recipient of the item is using the HTML Read view, he or she sees the e-mail as you formatted it.The recipient cannot change the font of an HTML-formatted item. If he or she is using the Plain Text Read view, HTML formatting is lost. However, the recipient can click View > HTML to display the message the way you formatted it.

So yeah, make it beautiful, and they'll be able to appreciate your work.



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