What will GWAVA mean to Micro Focus GroupWise?


As you’ve probably heard by now—Micro Focus has acquired GWAVA. As soon as it was announced—there were questions pouring in. Does this mean GroupWise will finally have a built-in archive/restoration function? Will the roadmap of either portfolio change? Will GWAVA kill off its support for other email platforms other than GroupWise? And on an on . . .


While I’d love to answer, anything I said would be speculation on my part. Instead, I want to focus on what this acquisition means to our existing Micro Focus GroupWise customers. I consider myself one of those—because I use GroupWise each and every day.

First of all, I know there’s been concern and worry over the collaboration portfolio. Is GroupWise dead? Will Micro Focus stop developing and improving it? Do they care about this product and portfolio? These have been constant questions from almost every GroupWise customer I’ve talked to. I think it’s natural to wonder. However, nothing speaks louder than actions.

Speaking of actions, let’s look at what’s been released lately. GroupWise 2014 R2 and GroupWise 2014 SP1 pushed the platform forward in important ways. Each release contained new features and demonstrated a commitment to the product. Better yet—the fact that they’ve put an active emphasis on incorporating the IDEAS portal suggestions into each new release was more than encouraging to me. Vibe itself also had two releases this year: Vibe 4.0.1 and Vibe 4.0.2.  Each release contained new features, not just bug fixes—indicating that Vibe is also being developed to.

On the heels of all these releases, Micro Focus also announced the acquisition of GWAVA, a company that has obvious connections to GroupWise. Yes—GWAVA also supports other email platforms with their products too. However, a clear, immediate winner here is the GroupWise customer. With this acquisition, we have a single source to get email archiving, restoration, anti-spam, and anti-virus. Talk about a win! This acquisition also offers new and exciting possibilities for development and integration of technologies, of course. I know I’m thrilled!

And for those that have been wondering about the future of GroupWise, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the next platforms that are being worked on in this area. If you haven’t—then you should definitely check out a new, forthcoming article Mike Bills and I wrote for Open Horizons Magazine. It’s all about the new platforms that are coming: code-named “Wasatch” and “Uinta”.

In action and direction—I think the message is clear: Micro Focus is committed to GroupWise and this portfolio. The GWAVA acquisition should dispel doubts that the GroupWise platform is disappearing!  What’s the old phrase—put your money where your mouth is?  Micro Focus has done exactly that.  I’m convinced!  Kudos Micro Focus!


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  • We use GroupWise 2014 R2 and GWAVA/Retain at our agency. I am satisfied with all of the products with the exception of retain. The archiving capabilities are great, but the search for eDiscovery leaves something to be desired.

    I am hoping that Micro Focus can help resolve these issues and create even tighter integration with GroupWise. Being a government entity, we must have reliable eDiscovery tools.
  • I've been working with those too from it's first versions, as from when GWAVA's predecessor was still a free tool:)

    So, now finally has happened what we have been asking for (more like screaming) for years. Happy to see someone finally saw that too. Just hope it's not too late, MF is able to pull this off really well and get out a compelling integrated solution soon instead of leaving it just a bunch of loosely connected products. It's just that I see so many Exchange migrations planned in the last couple of months, that looks just unstoppable right now. And not it's not Exchange that they (mostly upper management) want, it's just Outlook. So, it's nice to add backend infra (GWAVA products) to the offering, GroupWise -really- also needs a fresh looking desktop (and updated feature par web-) client too! And lets not forget MacOS users this time. I'm still pretty sure if the desktop client was looking just like any other Win desktop App there was less of a problem with that on the mgmt level. I've been working with GroupWise professionally until last month and I can honestly say I really miss the power of it; although they have some nice things GW does not have, overall Outlook and the web client are just a bunch of crap to work with imo.

    I think to get really successful again the business model of GroupWise has to change; today this is seen as a shrinking marked. So, I would suggest to open the core and bring that to SUSE as the best open collaboration solution with web client and open standards access (POP, IMAP, etc). With a maintenance agreement you then get a compelling enterprise supported Mac/Win/Lin client and ActiveSync (MS license) access too.
    I believe this idea is not limited to GroupWise, but should be done for all of the MF collaboration solutions.
  • I have worked with GroupWise and GWAVA since its first versions. Both are exceptional products. Now, together under a single strategy of development, marketing, sales and support, will be extraordinary.