Importing schedules into GroupWise Calendar, and other Calendar questions

Q: SB wrote, We are using a time-tabling program to organise teachers, etc, and would love to be able to import their schedules straight to their Group Wise calendar. Is it possible to import multiple calendar events (appointments) from a .xls, .csv or even a .txt (tab delimited) file?

A. You can import an .ICS file into a GroupWise sub calendar, however you cannot import .xls, .csv or .txt files. They are not considered to be valid calendar files.

Here's some info about importing an ICS file.

Q. When someone has given read/write Proxy to a group of individuals to access their calendar, is it possible to determine which individual has made changes to that calendar?

A. Unfortunately not. You may have to resort to good old-fashioned questioning. And a little end-user training about proper GroupWise etiquette...

Q: Tim S. wrote: We are running GroupWise 8. We would like to know if, like MS Office, there is an option to add our holidays to GW. If it can, here's a handy way / tool for this?

A. GroupWise does not natively have a tool for this however if you can export your MS Office calendar as a ical file, you can import that into your GroupWise calendar. Having said this, however, it has to be done an a user by user basis. Meaning every one of your users would need to import this into their calendar. There isn't a way to import it and then push that calendar out to everyone.

Q: WB wrote: When performing a busy search, is it possible to view the details of appointment on another person's schedule? If so, how can you make it so this can not be done?

A: It's all up to the person whose schedule it is. If you don't want people to know precisely what you're going to be doing during any given "busy" period, you simply don't make your details available to anyone. You can remove the "all user access" setting from the proxy list or grant it no rights at all.

You can set the Read and/or Write rights per user -- for example if you have an administrative assistant who helps you manage your schedule, you'll want to give them Read/Write rights to your calendar. This is done in the client by going to Tools -> Options -> Security -> Proxy Access. Again, it's a per user setting so you won't be able to set something globally via ConsoleOne.

More Calendar Tips

You may want to check out this nice article -- GroupWise Calendar Tips. It may be kind of old, but it's still full of good ideas.


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