Omni Success Story: The GroupWise CRM Integration Advantage – A Customer Perspective


Partner Name: Omni

Customer Name: CPU Consultores

Partner Products Used: Riva Integration Server for GroupWise

Novell Products Used: Novell GroupWise, Novell eDirectory


CPU Consultores is an EMEA-based consultancy group that specializes in the fields of architecture, urban planning and property valuation. In 2006, CPU Consultores migrated from Microsoft Exchange to Novell GroupWise to lower licensing costs, improve security and reduce downtime. The company later deployed Riva to deliver GroupWise integration for their corporate CRM.


While Novell GroupWise is the most secure and reliable e-mail collaboration system in the industry, traditionally it has not integrated well with CRMs, ERPs and other business-critical applications. CPU Consultores needed to identify a CRM and integration solution that would allow them to leverage their existing investment in Novell GroupWise and provide the flexibility and administrator control they required.

Like many other professional services companies, CPU Consultores was using a combination of spreadsheets, folders and network files to manage customer accounts. Their objective was to provide integration between GroupWise and info@hand CRM to allow the company's sales teams to work more efficiently across their seven offices in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Partner/Novell Solutions:

After a quick Google Search, Marcus Svensson, CPU Consultores' Business Development Manager, discovered Riva Integration Server from Omni. Riva delivers transparent, bi-directional, server-side integration of address book information, appointments, tasks, leads and notes between GroupWise and SugarCRM, info@hand CRM, Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SageCRM On Demand, GoldMine, Siebel CRM and Microsoft SharePoint.

Svensson viewed the on-demand Riva client demonstration on Omni's website and contacted Omni to discuss CPU Consultores' needs. Based on Omni's recommendations to test SugarCRM and info@hand, Svensson chose to evaluate Riva Integration Server for info@hand for two months.

"The ability to use Riva's SmartConvert Drop Folders to automatically convert emails into CRM opportunities and support cases directly from GroupWise is truly outstanding," said Svensson. "What a tremendous time-saver and value-added function Riva provides. Our BlackBerry users can now access their CRM address book, opportunities and support cases from anywhere in the world. As an administrator, I have full control over info@hand CRM and how the integration works."


CPU Consultores reports that Riva Integration Server for GroupWise integrates and interoperates better than any Outlook connector they had used in the past for Microsoft Exchange. The success of the strategy has helped reinforce Svensson's position in the company and has improved CPU Consultores' core sales processes. The company is now well positioned to support future growth and collaboration as their sales team continues to expand in Europe, Africa and Asia. Based on the power of Riva Integration Server, CPU Consultores will never move from Novell GroupWise as their e-mail and collaboration platform.

Customer Quotes:

"Riva Integration Server for info@hand and GroupWise have provided fantastic results! It paid for itself in the first three months. Riva delivers much better integration than the Outlook connectors I have used in the past for Microsoft Exchange and other CRMs."

Marcus Svensson, Business Development Manager

CPU Consultores

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