GroupWise Mail Saver


Download url: (url updated - 11/30/2010)

MailSaver is a tool that lets GroupWise users take messages that have been filed in folders within GroupWise, and save them in bulk to simple text files on disk, a complete folder all at once, including attachments.

MailSaver is a plug-in (c3po) for the Windows GroupWise client. It uses the GroupWise Object API to extract messages from folders in GroupWise and save them as text files on disk. The messages are saved with customisable names that can include the sender, recipient, date, and subject. It extends the pop-up menu on folders in the GroupWise client to provide a user interface using the GroupWise c3po API.

MailSaver is written in Visual Basic 6, and demonstrates many of the features of the c3po and Object APIs for GroupWise.

You can now get the source code for V4 if you are interested.


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