GroupWise 14 or 18 Top Down Rebuild


(Updated 16 March 2018) - If you have been a GroupWise customer for any length of time,  you invariably have had the need to do what is referred to as a "GroupWise top down rebuild".  For the uninitiated,  this process is quite involved and can result in much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.  The process generally requires you to map/mount drives or volumes to the domain or post office server and can be quite a frustrating experience even for you long time GroupWise administrators.

Once again,  the new GroupWise REST API comes to the rescue!  Using the REST API, this utility can connect to the appropriate admin services, stop and start agents running against the domain or post office and rebuild the domain and post office databases, all from the convenience and comfort of your Windows or Linux or command window.

The includes both Windows and Linux binaries, a sample config file, and python source code for coding geeks wishing to learn more about the REST API.


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