Caledonia has a new QuickStart Guide for the Novell Mobility Pack!

Novell has announced their Technology Preview of the Novell Mobility Pack for GroupWise, which is their replacement for the GroupWise Mobility Server. You can find out more about the Technology Preview here.

Caledonia is hard at work on a comprehensive guide to the Novell Mobility Pack. We also recognize a need for documentation NOW that helps our customers get ready for the Mobility Pack. Thus we have made a portion of our upcoming guide available as a "Quickstart" version, that can assist you in getting up and running. We offer this guide free of charge. We only ask that you "register" through our shopping cart process to receive the guide.

As the Novell Mobility Pack gets closer to shipping version, we will release our full Novell Mobility Pack Guide. If you download this preview QuickStart Guide, we will be sure to not only let you know when the final version is ready, but we will also offer you a 20% discount on the final guide when it ships.

Just go to to get the guide.

Good luck!



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