The Push and Poll of GMS



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I don't see how you can have both SMS and network push enabled for a user's device. Network push is by default, and then you turn on SMS for the user's device - they have both?"

And here's the response from GroupWise expert Danita Zanre ...


You have two methods of syncing with GMS - push and poll.


You can choose to either use Network Push or SMS Push. When you enable Push, transactions are sent to the device immediately when they happen in GroupWise. Network Push uses a constant IP connection from the device to the GMS. This typically will warrant a hefty (or unlimited) data plan, and it's a battery drainer on many devices. SMS push means that the GMS sends an SMS to the device, which in turn instructs the device to "sync" to get whatever is waiting for it. Since there is not a constant connection, the battery isn't affected as much, but you might run up a big SMS bill if you don't have a plan that will accommodate the amount of traffic you receive. In actuality you CAN enable both Network and SMS in the device, but it is very redundant.


ReadySync is a polling feature that says "go get my data every "X" minutes/hours". People who do not wish to use push for whatever reason can still get their data, but it will be on a "polling interval". And quite honestly, some types of transactions do not happen immediately (like adding an appointment on the device), so a ReadySync interval should be defined even if you are using Push.


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