GroupWise Ascot WebAccess Busy Search

I thought I would share the following video with you. I created it for an advisory panel to show their users and feedback has been pretty good so far. There are still changes going on in the interface so even now it looks a little different from a week ago.

The video is on YouTube, so if you have that blocked at work - sorry. Make sure you view this as large as you can - we also recorded it in HD.

This new busy search UI will be in the Ascot WebAccess client only - you can also see a hint at the end of the video on what the new recurrence UI in both WebAccess and the Windows client looks like.

As we move this forwards we want it to replace the current appointment view. That will not be there in Ascot, but the goal is that when you choose to create a new appointment you will be presented with this new busy search UI. As you add users on the left we immediately busy search them and display their availability. The message pane (where you type your message) will be at the bottom of this busy search UI.

What do you think?


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  • Hello Alex,

    This looks very promising and will fix one of the complaints I currently hear about the current WebAccess limitation of busy searching.

    Nice improvement.

    One suggestion: I noticed that if you move the box to the right-hand columns, it shifts the little green arrow line to the left-hand side.

    I think most users are "used" to having the mouse follow the checkbox vs. the little "I" icon. But not sure if that's doable.