Repeating Birthday Function in GroupWise



A Forum reader recently asked:

"How can I set a birthday date in my GroupWise calender that repeats every year? Remember that every 4th year is leap year with 366 days, so I can't use the repeating function with 365 days ...;

And here's the response from Danita Zanre ...


1. Start a new appointment/note - whatever you wish - and put "Danita's birthday" in the subject line.

2. Under Actions, choose Auto-Date and click the Example tab.

3. On the dropdown, change from "Days of the Week" to "Days of the Month".

4. Click the Month (e.g., September) and then the day (e.g., 23).

5. Double-click the "days" field that shows Sun, Mon, Tues, etc., so that all days are selected. Make sure you leave it for at least 50 occurrences, because I'm young :).

6. Click OK to get back to the Appointment window.

7. Click Post or Send, depending on what kind of appointment, note, etc., you are creating.


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