GroupWise Trusted Application Test Script

Inspired by Marvin Huffaker's excellent article about how to test a GroupWise Trusted App login via IMAP (see, we created this bash script to help administrators test Trusted App authentication directly from a Linux server.

When you run the script, it will prompt you for your trusted app name and Trusted App key, and then automatically generate the Base64-encoded Trusted App authentication key. It will then prompt you for the IP address and port of your IMAP server and connect and attempt to perform the XGWTRUSTEDAPP authentication to verify that your Trusted App authentication is working correctly (or not).

The script should work on SLES and OES servers, and will verify both plain-text and SSL-enabled Trusted App connections to IMAP on either a POA or GWIA. One note, if you want to run this on an OpenSuSE server, you will first need to install the "expect" package (expect is not installed by default on OpenSuSE).

Thanks to Tyler Harris and Shane Nielson in Novell Technical Services and Morris Blackham in Novell Engineering for their help in creating and testing the script.


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