Simple GroupWise Updater 1.0


In upgrade and update situations where a large number of remote GroupWise sites needs to be updated, this utility can do the trick, without having a GUI-based installation wizard sending the installation traffic across the wire, also minimizing downtime for the users.

Tested with GroupWise 5.5 and 6.x.


The SQWU 1.0 Does not Extend the Schema, so in a upgrade situation, the Primary GroupWise domain needs to be upgraded with the Installation Wizard. It is always advisable to use the SGWU 1.0 AFTER the Primary Domain has been upgraded/updated.

If you don't have the ICMD.NLM, it is enclosed in the SGWU.ZIP package. (Put it in SYS:\SYSTEM or another directory in your search path).

Be sure that no other *.IPS file is in the root of your GroupWise SDD.


1. Make sure you have a copy of the new Software Distribution Directory on the remote server.
2. Copy the files from the SGWU.ZIP to the root of the copied Software Distribution Directory.
3. Make sure that ICMD.NLM is found in your Search path.
4. Start NWCONFIG | Product Options | Install a product Not listed | Press ESC | Then F3
5. Specify the path to your updated GroupWise Software (i.e. VOL1:\GW65\Software)
6. An informational text will inform you that products will be installed from here - Press Enter
7. Follow the On-screen instructions.

The following are post-installation tasks you might need to do:

1. After the Agents have been loaded - perform a DB recovery:
-From the MTA Choose F10, then select admin status.
-Press Enter on Perform DB Recovery and choose Yes.
-After the recovery is complete repeat the steps for the post office from the POA.

2. Check in Nwadmin/ConsoleOne that the Databases are up to level.

3. verify that users can log in.


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