Locking Out GroupWise Clients for Security Fixes



A Forum reader recently asked:

"According to the Security Fixes found in 702HP1a, full Windows/NLM version, it mentions that I need to lock out all GroupWise clients older tha May 24, 2007 via ConsoleOne. How do I do this - is there any step-by-step procedure?"

And here's the response from Chris Premo ...


1. In the Properties of the Post Office(s), click the Groupwise - Client Access Settings tab.

2. Check the "Minimum Client Release Date:" and select the appropriate date.

For me it is May 22, 2007, because I have a BlackBerry Server, and the server needs the 6.5.7 client. The date on this version is different.

Note: Do NOT checkmark "Minimum Client Release Version (x.x.x):" unless you
don't have a BB Server.

3. Save your settings and test. You may need to go to your POs WEB management page and verify that the changes are in effect.

4. Now test with an older client.

Also note: If you haven't updated your WebAccess version, WebAccess will be LOCKED OUT.


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