Managing Contacts via HTML in GroupWise 7


I like the fact Groupwise 7 doesn't leave random temporary files on the PC. Version 6.5 was bad at that, and despite the need of putting a fix in place to remove temp files (bring back the days of DOS!), then the potential of sensitive info being on users' PCs was a bit of a problem. Not in version 7, though.

However, what version 7 does do is leave HTML files in the user's default temp folder on the PC. This file can then be saved somewhere else, or if you really wanted to you could make it an interactive webpage on your desktop.

1. Go to the Address Book.

2. Click Frequent Contacts (or the desired addressbook) and highlight all the people in it.

3. Right-click and select New Group from Selection. The entire list appears.

4. Click the Selection tab.

5. Go to the Temp folder. You will find a new HTML file - typically called something like gwa13D.tmp.html.

6. Rename the file to something like "My Frequent contacts.html" and put it somewhere for viewing later.

This is handy if you want a quick backup without exporting to the Novell Address Book or a VCF.


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