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After configuring a GroupWise Restore Area on a Windows Server for a Post Office on a Linux server, the GroupWise Windows client displays the error "GroupWise Error [8219], Failed to connect to a remote network resource" , after selecting  File | Open Backup.



Assumption for this technical document:


 - That the Windows share will be created in the folder: C:\po


 - That the login to the Windows Server will be 'Administrator' to avoid permissions problems with the creation and use of the Windows share.


 - That the GroupWise Post Office is on a Linux server and the Remote Storage Area will be on a Windows server.


 - That the term "GWAC" is the "GroupWise Web Administration Console" in the browser.


 - That the Windows share name used in this example will be called: "cdrive" .


 - That an empty path will be created on the GroupWise Linux server in folder: /mail/po, This will be the

 intended mount point for the files mounted thru CIFS to the Windows server.

Follow these steps to successfully allow the user to perform a  File | Open Backup in the GroupWise Windows client and connect to the Remote Storage Area.

  1. Copy or restore the entire Post Office directory structure intended to be used as the GroupWise Restore Area, to the Windows Server into the folder C:\po.

        2. On the Windows server that is used for the GroupWise Restore Area, establish a Windows Share.  Sharing the C:\ drive for "Administrator" (All Permissions) and "Everyone" (READ).

        3. On the GroupWise Linux server where the production Post Office resides, open a terminal or putty session as "root" and create the mount point to the Windows server using CIFS:

    mount -t cifs //<WindowsServerHostName>/cdrive/po /mail/po -o username=administrator,password=<windows LogonAdministratorPassword>

    Following steps 1-4 will have created a Windows share that includes READ and WRITE permissions to C:\po, for only the Windows "administrator" user.

        4. Open the GWAC, select System | Restore Area Management | select New. Enter a name and description. 

        5. Browse to or enter the Linux path "/mail/po" ( no quotes ) into the Path and Linux Path (conditional) fields as shown:

        6. Select the Membership tab | Add | select user(s), Post Offices  or Resources that need access to this Restore Area.  Click OK | OK | Close to exit the Restore Area configuration.

        7. In the GWAC, select Post Offices | click on the <Post Office> that mail will be restored to | click on the Settings tab | confirm the "Restore Area" listed matches the one created above.

        8. Restart the Linux POA to ensure all changes have been updated.

        9. The user that needs to restore mail items should now exit the GroupWise client and start it up again. Log back into GroupWise and select File | Open Backup. Messages will now be displayed that are eligible to be restored.  Remember the messages seen when connected to the Backup are the DIFFERENCE between the content in the ONLINE mailbox and the content in the restore area mailbox for the specific user.


In the GWAC, select "Post Offices" | click on the <Post Office> that mail will be restored to | click on the Settings tab | the "Remote User Name" and "Remote User Password" does NOT have to be filled out with values for this operation to succeed.  Also in the startup file for the Post Office, <poName.poa>, normally in the Post Office directory, does NOT have to have enabled the Remote Connection "--user" and "--password" switches with any values.  These lines can begin with the ";" character ( disabled ).

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