News Flash: Your Business Is Quickly Outgrowing Its File Storage Capacity



Your IT department’s workload is steadily growing year over year as your company continues to rely on it to facilitate new business initiatives. Like over 70 percent of organizations, it’s now using big data to remain competitive. And with a fresh budget heading into 2016, there’s no question that the size—and complexity—of your network will increase significantly by this time next year.

This is all well and good, save for one thing: You’re running out of file storage space. If you don’t do something to address this shortage soon, you could reach capacity before you know it—resulting in an expensive and complicated ordeal as you scramble to obtain additional last-minute space (paying top dollar in the process).

The safer and more cost-effective route would be to recognize your business’s need for increased storage capacity now and take proactive measures to ensure you have the room to accommodate your business’s rapidly growing IT environment before you hit a wall.

Micro Focus’s Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2015—the next generation of the popular OES shared network services product line—was built with the need for greater storage capacity and optimal performance in mind. Unlike its predecessor, OES 2011, which offered just one 32-bit data pool with up to 8 terabytes of storage, OES 2015 allows for a second, larger 64-bit data pool that comes with a massive 8 exabytes of storage. This is the equivalent of 8 million terabytes.

These two pools can coexist side by side, meaning that files with different volumes and pools can be copied and transferred as needed. What’s more, customers currently using 32-bit volumes can easily migrate to a larger 64-bit pool using Dynamic Storage Technology or any utility that supports inter-volume NSS copying.

Using this solution, your business can continue to grow its network and add new IT services knowing that it has more than enough storage capacity to keep your business operating at a high level.

Click here to read more about OES 2015 pool and volume updates.


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