GroupWise Rule Conditions to act on Internal or External Email

Over the years I have been asked this question often enough that I am prompted to write this article. The question... how do I create a rule to only act on internal email or email from external [Internet] sources? The trick to this is using the field called "View Name" in your rule condition.

Firstly, this field is not always immediately present in the drop-down list when defining the conditions of the rule. So, if you do not see it on the drop-down list, select “All Fields…” at the bottom of the list. The following will be displayed:

Figure 1- All Filter Fields - View Name

Now, with View Name selected, the next operator becomes important… You set it to either “Contains” or “Does Not Contain”.  In the last field you enter the word “internet” (no quotation marks).

If you set this condition to “View Name contains internet” the end result is this rule condition will act on email received from the Internet.

Figure 2: Rule Condition for External Email

If you set this condition to “View Name does not contain internet” the end result is this rule condition will only act on email received internally.

Figure 3: Rule Condition for Internal Email

So, that is my trick to solving the challenge of creating rules to act on internal or external email. I trust this is useful.



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