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Q. We currently have GroupWise 6.5 and would want to be able to move all our folders, documents, email address, etc. Would we be able to upgrade to GroupWise 8? We have our address books, foldering systems, and Doc Management folders all set up and we would rather die than have to rebuild them after an upgrade.

A. Yep, during an upgrade everything you have comes along with you.

Q. How do you attach a hyperlink of an internal network link to an email? The hyperlink icon only lets me type in a URL but does not allow me to browse files and attach documents.

A. If you want to attach the entire page, just use the Send To or Mail To function of the browser. These functions will allow you to basically paste that particular page into the message body. GW itself will only put a URL.

Q. Can I check my email/sync my GroupWise account on my iPhone?
Related question: We are using Novell GroupWise at Kempinski Hotels. Is there an application for iPhone and iPad? Because when setting my e-mail account to iPhone it does not work well. Are there any solutions.?

A. Yes, you should have your IT department install Data Synchronizer. http://www.novell.com/products/groupwise/features/mobile_sync.html It's free to current GroupWise users with a maintenance contract.

Q. Can you export your address book to Excel?

A. Yes you can. Here's what you do:

  1. Open the address book application by clicking on the Address Book button in the client.

  • Highlight the book in question, click on File -> Export -> Entire Address Book.

  • When the Save As file dialog opens, select Save As Type to be either of the 2 .csv options.

  • Then go into Excel and import that csv file.

Q. The company I work for is using GroupWise 7.0. Is there any way that I can forward all my email received on GW to another email address? I'm trying to create a one stop email receipt area.

A. You just need to create a rule that automatically forwards your email to another email address. We don't have a GW7 client handy but it should be very similar to how it works in GW8.

  1. Go into Tools -> Rules on the Windows client.

  • Create a new rule where a new item is" received".

  • Under Define Conditions, select what type of new items you want to forward.

  • Under Add Action, you can then select Forward (I think the GW7 client will only let you forward as attachment) and put in the address you want your mail to go to.

Q. I have been using GroupWise V8.0.1 client and have my email archive on an external drive. How can I access this archive if I am at a workstation which does not have the client installed or if the client is installed but is unable to login to my online account? In other words is there a GroupWise archive viewer?

A. There is not a GroupWise archive viewer. You can set up the client to run in Cache mode, which will allow you to access your archive without accessing the main account. For info about how to do that, check this section of the doc.


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